The Bronco Horse


The Bronco Horse is an powerful work that depicts a little known facet of the stockman’s work. When cattle were brought into station holding yards for branding and marking, they would use a strong horse known as a Bronco Horse to draw the often wild and aggressive young bulls out of the mob. It was a dangerous job that relied on a dependable horse to do it safely. Note the heavy collar around the horses neck and stiff green hide rope that the rider is working open. In the background you can see other workers marking and branding beasts that have already been drafted out. The landscape would indicate country near the Cararvon Ranges in central QLD.



Limited edition print  (250 copies only), 510 x 762 mm (20×30inches) white border. Giclée print on canvas.

Comes with numbered certificate signed by Anthony Sawrey as representative of the Hugh Sawrey estate. All prices include postage and packaging

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black frame and white border, gold frame and white border, print only, stretcher & 45×45 black frame, stretcher & 45×45 gold frame, with stretcher (no moulding)


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