Yarding the Scrubbers


Limited edition print  (250 copies only), 510 x 610 mm (20×24inches) with 40mm (1.6inches) white border. Giclée print on canvas.

Comes with numbered certificate signed by Anthony Sawrey as representative of the Hugh Sawrey estate. All prices include postage and packaging



Part of our upcoming editions to be released in 2016.

Yarding the Scrubbers documents the mustering up of a mob of station horses.  This job would take place when the workers needed new horses for stock work.

The wild horses, known as Brumbies in some areas and Scrubbers elsewhere would have the best young ones drafted out to be gelded and broken in, and others such as older breeding mares checked for general condition or pregnancy. Unlike in some cases today where bush horses are culled due to over population, a healthy lot of station horses were an important resource to a property and would be maintained and looked after.

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black frame and white border, gold frame and white border, print only, stretcher & 45×45 black frame, stretcher & 45×45 gold frame, with stretcher (no moulding)


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